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Anhui Lampard Equipment Co., Ltd has been focusing on cleaning equipment industry for more than 6 years. Our scrubber dryers and floor sweepers have been exported to European, American, Aisan and South East market and getting good reviews from our customers.

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Electric sweepers solve unexpected problems

The electric sweeping machine is operated by an electric battery. First, check the battery level before use. If it is not fully charged, the working time will naturally decrease. Just like our mobile phones, when the battery is only halfway charged, it is disconnected from the power and started to use. Of course, its working time is only half of when it is fully charged. The battery of an electric sweeper is the same as the battery of a mobile phone. If the battery is not fully charged, the working time will naturally decrease. Of course, if the battery is fully charged but the working time is still lower than normal, it may be due to battery aging. It is recommended to pay attention to battery maintenance regularly. Industrial sweepers are affordable and popular. The sweeping machine is simple and convenient, suitable for cleaning dust, leaves, cigarette butts, iron filings, stones, screws and other garbage.The sweeping machine effectively solves a series of problems such as large cleaning area and constantly increasing cleaning requirements, resulting in difficulty in personnel recruitment and low labor efficiency. In addition, the sweeping machine of Shanghai Swass cleaning equipment uses a chassis made of national standard steel, a roll molded shell, a streamlined design, and a generous and beautiful appearance. Grasp every detail from the inside out and highlight quality. The sweeping machine is mainly used for cleaning the ground, which can easily remove dust, leaves, stones, debris, paper scraps and other garbage from the ground, and is widely used in municipal sanitation, property companies, factory workshops, schools and parks.Working principle: The side brush of the sweeper sweeps garbage from corners and other difficult to reach areas from the inside out to the areas that the main brush can clean. The main brush uses the upward throwing sweeping principle to throw garbage into the garbage bin.Industrial sweepers can solve the following problems: 1. Health issues for people living in dusty environments; 2. Environmental indicators required by laws or local regulations; 3. The problem of premature and excessive damage to the road surface caused by dust or garbage; 4. The problem of dust contamination of products in the production workshop; 5. The problem of dust contamination on fixed or moving machines in the production workshop.